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Ecology to preserve tourism

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Tourism Starts From Transportation

All these beautiful destinations have something in common; nature!

These beautiful landscapes have been formed thanks to the passage of hundreds and thousands of years of a delicate balance between all living beings; due to the union of all the ecosystems is that this planet stays alive and regenerating itself.

Did you know that humans produce more CO2 than all the volcanoes on the planet together? It is our moral responsibility to take care of our home. If we could regenerate the hole in the ozone layer, we will be able to eliminate the greenhouse effect and increase the temperature of the planet.

That is why in Transportes Programados Turísticos SA de CV we ask you to follow these recommendations when visiting any tourist destination:

  1. Do not throw trash; So although in the forests and beaches you find containers you should not leave your garbage there; since most of the time the sanitary services do not pass daily; so animals, wind or some other accident can spread the garbage again. It is better that just as you brought those rich potatoes in their original packaging inside your backpack, return the empty packaging to your backpack and deposit it in a place where it is safer for health services to pass; like the hotel where you stay.
  2. When you visit forests, pastures or places with drought; preferably, it carries water in plastic and dark colored containers; So if, by accident or carelessness, you lose your embracing, you will not risk creating the magnifying glass effect and avoiding fires.
  3. Always follow the instructions of the rangers and civil protection.
  4. Do not make bonfires; Even if you are careful not to overcook the fire; the single fact of lighting a bonfire but we are already emitting more CO2, so avoid them!
  5. Do not feed the animals; for caring for your own integrity and for maintaining the balance of food chains.
  6. Do not mistreat the plants and trees in your path; a tree takes to grow up to 20 years, do not stop its growth, it will provide oxygen.
  7. Follow the advice of the grandmothers, do not throw water, use less bags, turn off the light, disconnect the appliances you do not need, bathe quickly; they will be repetitive and hackneyed tips but very true if everyone in our homes we worry about following these tips soon we will realize a collective conscience.


You knew that the town councils are very committed to ecology and take care of natural resources. For example, in Tlajomulco they are carrying out a campaign to use the lilies and aquatic plants to clean the lake Cajititlan!

How is this if the lily is considered a plague?

The secret is very simple in diversity; If you join several plants in the same space, they compete to feed and grow, thus preventing a monoculture from growing and being considered a pest; at the same time that they end up with the toxicity of water and soil, allowing water to be cleaned and animals such as fish, ducks and turtles to benefit from them by making shelter, food and nests for them and thus complete biodiversity.

What types of plants do they use?

  • Alcatraz
  • Lenteja de agua
  • Lirio
  • Tule

Remember the chinampas of Xochimilco; likewise it is how they work; beautiful orchards on the lake shore.

In addition, the inhabitants of the lake benefit even more taking advantage of these plants to make handicrafts such as tule weaving, mats, chairs, blowers, etc.

This shows us that in addition to being beautiful plants they are contributing to the cleanliness of the lake through biodiversity; let’s give our hand so that this project is strengthened and we leave a positive impact on our visits.


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Here we will let you know all the ecological events that the city councils grant to take you to be part of the change:


We all live here, we all must take care of it and clean it up; let’s try that our passage on this planet has a positive and not devastating footprint!






























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