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Sierra Queretana

Let us know together this beautiful Reserve no more than 6 hours from our beloved house, let’s visit the wonders that our neighbor Queretaro has to show us.

The Sierra Gorda Queretana has been designated, in large part, as BIOSPHERE RESERVE. It has varieties of flora and fauna that are endemic to the area. Besides enjoying the beautiful landscapes, in your trip to the Sierra you can live an ecological adventure, know its waterfalls, like “El Chuveje”, its rivers; like the Escanela, the Santa María and the Ayutla, enjoy quad biking, the “El Jabalí” camp, visit grottos or visit archaeological sites such as “Ranas” and “Toluquilla” and of course you can not miss the FIVE MISSIONS , CULTURAL HERITAGE OF HUMANITY: Jalpan, Landa, Tilaco, Tancoyol and Concá


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